Different Types of Online Poker Tournaments Ireland

Poker tournaments are among the most exciting games in the online poker environment. Competition is stiff, with some tournaments offering prizes as high as 10 million. But before you begin entering online poker tournaments, it’s important to look at the history of these popular tournaments, the range of gameplay options, tournament formats you’re likely to encounter on the top poker tournament sites, and how to get started.

In poker tournaments Ireland held online, a large number of players compete for a prize pool announced by sites. Each player has to pay for a buy-in in order to enter into an online poker tournament. On entering, a player is provided a certain number of chips with which he starts playing. The format of these competitions varies according to the kind of tournament you choose to play.

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Poker Tournaments Ireland


Texas Hold’em remains the most popular poker game for real money online tournaments. Two other popular online poker variants are Omaha and 7-Card Stud. The first of two basic types of online poker tournaments is a single-table. This is where a set number of players are pitted against one another until someone wins.

A Sit & Go Tournament gets underway when all the seats at a table are filled. This is usually capped at nine players. There are Six-Max versions as well.

The primary appeal of Sit & Go is poker play on-demand as opposed to most online poker tournaments. The pace of play is also faster to shorten the overall time it takes to declare a winner.

Individual real money online poker sites will often times tweak the basics to come up with unique types of tournament play. The best source of information is the ‘Tournament’ section of any particular online poker site.

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How to Choose an Online Poker Tournament

Choosing online poker tournaments should always be geared to a player’s style. The overall variety of options make this rather easy to do.


Software: The next big factor in selecting a poker site is the software that they offer to their players. When it comes to software there are basically two types, proprietary software and networks which operate a number of different sites under the same software platform. For software, the main things you are going to want to consider are the features that are available for you as a user as well as things like graphics, games offered and ease of use.


Time: Time is another factor. Playing a daily Sit & Go might make more sense than opting into a multi-table event.

Poker Tournaments Ireland


Own Skill and Experience: Skill level should play a big role in choosing online poker tournaments. A player’s skill and experience should match the other players they will be pitted against.


Licensed Poker Sites: One of the biggest factors in choosing an online poker tournament is the poker site itself. Most real money tournaments are limited to the location where this type of online gambling is legal. A good starting point is a top-rated online poker site operating in legal jurisdictions. These sites offer the biggest variety of real money tournament play to meet every poker player’s needs.


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