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Pokio is a forever evolving platform for Poker players around the world, therefore Pokio are always improving and adding many new exciting features to help make your Poker game a more dynamic experience. 

We are delighted to share the latest updates listed below:

Version 2.8

Pokio is a forever evolving platform for Poker players around the world, therefore Pokio are always improving and adding many new exciting features to help make your Poker game a more dynamic experience.

We are delighted to share the latest updates listed below:

Version 2.8

Version 2.9

Version 3.0

Version 2.8

New Pokio Jackpot

Hit the Jackpot with a big Hand or Cooler to win cash prizes straight into your Pokio wallet.

New Tournament Format 

Regular Knock out tournament brings new the format which consists of the prize pool being split with a percentage going as a cash bounty on every player’s head and the remainder going to the overall prize.

Progressive Knockout

The player will collect half the bounty when they eliminate a player, the other half will be added to their own head.

Early Bird Tournaments 

You can now get Up to 50% off your Buyin on certain tournaments with this new feature.

News & Events Page

Stay up to date with Pokios newest features, Poker events and promotions!

New Club Role: Pokio Club Agent

As a Club owner, you can assign a club member to an Agent role. Agents will use a unique code to recruit new players

Version 2.9

Time bank & disconnect protection

Previously known as E.T ( Extra Time ) Time bank is now available at all stake levels and Game formats however the price for using this feature will be different depending on game and stake format.

Disconnection Protection 

In a cash game if a player disconnects the system will provide 30 seconds for the player to reconnect. This will reset after 50 hands
During MTTs the same rules apply however this feature will only be available for one time per player. It will not reset.
During Freerolls the Disconnection Protection feature will not be available.

Diamonds price change

New players will automatically receive 100 free Diamonds
Existing players can now purchase Diamonds at  lower price (20% less) and the more they purchase the bigger the discounts.

Events/Me page update

Play page 

Now in the Play page players can filter out the types of Games, Buyin range and tables size that they would like to filter out on Cash tables.
There will be no Tournaments shown.

Events Page 

Here players can view all Official Pokio MTTs and Club MTTs.
Official MTT player rankings are also displayed here.

Me Page 

The player Wallet has now also been moved here.

Club Agent update

Club:Circle Supervisors can now be assigned the role of a club agent. A Club/Circle owner can decide if the agent can view their players data (revenue, hands, etc)

Mixed games

There are two types of Mixed games

Auto – This game type will change after each hand automatically.
Dealers Choice – The game combinations will be set up choosing from the following 4 game variations NLHE, PLO5, PLO & DRAWMAHA which be will decided by the player at the button position.
N.B a minimum of 2 variants must be selected.

Password Protected tables

Club and Circle leaders can now create password protected cash tables with a 4 digit password to to access. This password will be automatically generated. This feature can be found in the top left corner in settings.

MTT pay-out options

Pokio offers three kinds of pay- out options. 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Cash game waiting list

Players can now join waiting lists on cash tables. Once a seat is available the player have 60 seconds to take their seat and buy in. If the fail to do this they will be removed from the queue and can not rejoin the waiting list for 5 minutes. The maximum players on a waiting list is 5.

Club notifications

You will be able to receive Updates and News directly from the Pokio team in the app.

Multi-tabling adjustment

Players can now join an MTT or SNG by using the Multi- tabling option and selecting a game from the list.

MTT update

Hand for Hand will not be activated under the following conditions
When the number of remaining players in the game is one more than those needed for the Final table
When the players who are “In the Money” are less than those needed for the final table.

Add on Period update

Players can join “Late Registration” and “Rebuy” during the Addon period.

Version 3.0

VPIP Restriction Table

A. Career VPIP Restriction

Circle/Club owners can now set restrictions on specific tables and if a players career vpip is lower than the chosen amount then that player will not be able to buyin to the game.

B. Table VPIP Restriction

Players who exceed the hand threshold and  whose table VPIP is lower than the minimum for the table will be forced to sit out and unable to play there for 2 hours.

Pokio Messenger is redesigned with a new “read all” option and clear colourful sections added.


A. Two New modes for Early Bird MTTs

Buyin early at a discounted price
Buy in early and get extra chips


All new PLO5 MTT is now available

C. Rebuy & Addon

Tickets can now be used when making a Rebuy it an Addon during tournaments (where applicable)

Circle Notifications

New tool for Circle Leaders to contact their clubs. This feature can be found Circle >Settings>Contact Clubs

Table Cloning

Cash tables and SNGs can now be cloned without a time limit

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