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Hello, I am Larry Santo, a poker industry professional and CEO of 4Kings Casino & Card Club in Dublin Ireland.

I am dedicated to bring you the ultimate poker experience. With 15 years’ of experience and 1000’s of poker tournaments behind me organized and ran to the highest level gave me recognition as one of the best and biggest poker event organizers in Ireland.

I have been working with the best online sites such as PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888 and many more, in partnership we have hosted some seriously big and prestigious poker tournaments!

Recently I have formed a partnership with a new and upcoming online poker site Pokio, one of the coolest and most player orientated and focused poker app. My work ethic is simple, I am ALL-IN on customer service, the integrity of the game, honesty and transparency, I believe that are the key ingredients to run a proper poker tournament.

Feel free to look around my website, check out my short bio or if you perhaps fancy a FREE POKER GAME click here and register now!


My work ethic

I resolved to create an atmosphere where all players – advanced, novices, new hot shots or old-school journeymen – would be surrounded and spoiled with fun. But I would also bring a high level of professionalism, applying TDA rules of poker and requiring much more discipline, etiquette and stricter player behavior in general. I have taught players poker etiquette and rules without them realizing they were being taught. 

The drinker drank less, the loud loosey-goosey players quieted down,  the grinders or players who fancied themselves opened up a little more towards novice and beginner players. By implementing few small changes, bringing a bit of personality into the poker rooms, welcoming and remembering players, dealing with concerns, rules and treating every player the same way, participant numbers grew and players became friends and followers.

One of my proudest achievements was creating and hosting probably the biggest low buy-in tournament in Europe, my 30/30 Series, which had an incredible 1,239 entries generating €80,000+ prize pool for a player friendly  €80 entry fee.

I Love Poker 

I love poker however I am not very good at it☺, but I enjoy nothing more than the social aspect of engaging with so many different personalities and characters. And the stories at the tables are priceless! The biggest reason why I fell in love with the game is that at the poker tables everyone is equal, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, age, gender, culture or social and financial standing. Everyone will depend on some luck and everyone’s aces will get cracked. 

Hopefully by me!  Larry Santo

“Larry Santo is the finest tournament organizer and poker PR man in Ireland”

Andy Black /Professional Poker Player/

Andy Black keretben
Ken Powell keretben

I first got to know Larry when I started playing his €100 Tuesday tourney when he ran the Westbury Club in Malahide, Dublin, many years ago. The atmosphere was electric, he brought World Series razzmatazz to this beautiful seaside suburb, and the cash games would continue well into Wednesday. It was nearly always bright as I drove home across the city with a tremendously enjoyable night of poker behind me – win, lose or draw.
I soon became friends with Larry and we’ve savoured many great nights of sport and craic at a variety of venues through the years.
I wish him every continued success at 4 Kings and I love the small-stakes 5-card Omaha cash game on Larry’s Room online!

Ken Powell /Writer and poker player/

“I have known Larry as a poker operator, colleague and friend since I have returned to Ireland four years ago.

As an operator his drive and personality put him in a class of his own.
As a colleague he played a vital part when we brought PartyPoker to Ireland and he delivered in Dublin!

As a friend he is a good man to go for a pint with if you aren’t in a hurry!

Padraig Parkinson /Professional Poker Player/

Padraig Parkinson keretben
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