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MONDAY 8th MARCH 20:00 (GMT Time) – Poker Tourney & Cash Grind

FRIDAY 12th MARCH 14:30 (GMT Time) – Poker Tourney & Cash Grind

SATURDAY 13th MARCH 19:00 (GMT Time) – Poker Tourney & Cash Grind

AQ Exit - Where did it all go wrong?

Sick call with the ducks - trust your gut feeling!

Busted with pocket Aces! What did I do wrong?

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Stream Promotions & Giveaways

Keep an eye out on our LIVE STREAMING sessions on Twitch & Facebook as we’re giving away prizes on a weekly basis. Prizes include, Cash, Mobile Phones, Tables, Poker Tournament Entries, Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and many more super cool items. Don’t miss out just follow our channel and your in! Don’t miss out follow our channels and you are in!

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