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Ever wanted to earn money and even to make a living out of poker? If the answer is Yes

Become an Agent for Larry’s Poker Club!

“Playing poker is great but it's much more fun when your income is not only generated from the games you play but also from the games played by your players” Larry Santo

Everything you need to know about the role of a poker agent!

What is a Poker Agent?

A Poker Agent manages all aspects of business for players and is trusted to find the perfect club with the best deals and rewards from Poker Clubs online. They will be the players contact regarding their membership and provide information on the best tournaments available and the most suitable cash action tables on offer tailored to their players specifications. 

What is different about being Our Poker agent? 

Taking on a role as one of our exclusive Poker Agents means you will be part of a highly experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and access to an excellent support system. Pokio is safe, easy and most importantly a Legal online platform. You will come across play money sites where agents funnel their players funds through different methods which can be confusing, difficult and inconvenient especially when dealing with cash. With our real money app we have several payment methods so there are no cash transactions, saving you a lot time as all transactions are handled by the player. Also Pokio are regulated and licenced in Europe by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) therefore strict Anti Money Laundering Procedures are put in place giving both you and your player peace of mind.

How to become a Poker Agent for LarrysPokerClub?

This is a very easy process. Simply contact us via email, Skype, Zoom or whatsapp for a short chat and introduction and we will take it from there. 

If we are both happy with the initial terms then we can proceed to the next step and final step.

How much can I earn as a Poker Agent?

The agents main revenue stream is a mutually agreed % of the rake contribution generated by the agents players and between the agent and the club owner. 

The actual amount can be variable depending on the recruitment strategy taken. 

The Mass recruitment method and The Cherry picking method. 

Mass Recruitment method: when agents are using a very broad recruiting method, promoting the site, their link on several social media platforms and channels, trough websites going after a high number of sign up from everywhere working on volume. 

Cherry Picking method: when agents are carefully selecting their players they want to recruit. These agent are going for quality instead of quantity. 

For example, an agent could have only a few players but these are super active and play daily on medium stake tables which will produce a steady stream of income. 

Other agents may have 100s of players that are semi active and play on micro stake tables, which can also be very profitable as the numbers are there. 

Sometimes an agent may have only one or two players, but they play on high stake tables regularly, so all these scenarios could balance out. 

We would advise our agents to have a varied balance of mixed type players, therefore creating a diversified player base and a consistent income stream.

What are the terms & conditions?

An agent must have a clear background with no history of poaching players and very importantly a clear past and a good reputation in the poker industry. 

What can Larry’s Poker Club do for me as a Poker Agent?

Once you are our agent we will set you up as an official agent and you will be able to oversee all your players stats to include revenue generated and player performance in real time. We pride our business as being fully transparent and all revenues are calculated internally therefore no human errors or mistakes occur. All agents earnings are instant and can be used or withdrawn daily.

Are my players safe on Pokio?

A special link will be created for you to share with your player when he/she joins. They must use this special link in order for Pokio to automatically allocate this player to you and then they will remain yours for the future. 

To show you and ensure you how professional and legal we are please read the terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legal info here:

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